Karmel International Company,  along with their specialized sister companies & Suppliers in the laboratory supplies division has provided all Lab sectors in Iraq with a lot of instruments that serve all kinds of Labs from multinational companies in this field.

Health Sector: We have Provided Ministry of Health approximately with 7,000.00 Instruments which is distributed in the all of health centers in Iraqi Governorates.

University Sector: we provided the Universities (Colleges of Engineering’s & colleges of Science ) with instruments for Agriculture Labs, Medicine Labs, Pharmaceutical Labs, Chemistry Labs, Mechanical Engineering Labs, Communication Lab, Process control Lab, electrical Lab…Etc. For further details please contact us.

Oil sector : we provided this field with a lot of Instruments which is distributed in the all of Iraqi  refineries ( SOC , NOC , Dura , SGC , Technical oil Institutes ) , and we are proud because we were provided these labs with some unique instruments which is manufactured especially for their Labs .

Projects sector: we can supply the complete laboratory from design to supply to installation and commissioning through to management and maintenance. We applied Many Turnkey projects for Hospital Labs and university Labs. For further details please contact us.

The key of Our success in this field is our commitment to after-sales services, depending on a well-qualified and trained sales service engineers. We have been the market leaders in both laboratory supplies and medical supplies for a number of years and have unrivalled experience and expertise in the Iraqi market. 

As a result for our excellent after-sales services & preventive Maintenance as well as follow-up to these instruments even after the end of the maintenance period. The majority of our equipment are still in operation for the last 15 years. For further details please contact us.

A British company based in Nottingham. The company has a wide and varied range of basic laboratory consumables and glassware through laboratory equipment to instrumentation. We supply laboratories in the fields of health, education, environment, agriculture, petroleum, quality control, research and industry.

Talia Establishment for trading in Laboratory Equipment is a new Establishment was founded in 2011.
Talia Est. is a part of Karmel Group and its main Business  at Jordan and Iraq for selling Medical & Laboratory Products such as: 
 Teaching laboratories equipment
 Medical labs
 Engineering labs
 Bio-medical labs.

Talia Est. is the new laboratory supporting arm of the group. Along with Cometa in the UK, we believe that they will form an excellent partnership in working with Iraq and Jordan.

Talia Est. activities are mainly focused on the marketing, sales and application of
Numerous ranges of products such as:

 Laboratories equipment’s and supplies.
 Higher Educational Equipment
 Medical consumables supplies.
 Lab Furniture.

Nile Co. for Medical & Lab Supplies: 

New Establishment was founded in 2010, it’s a part of Karmel Group and its main Business at Iraq for is handling all Maintenance & after sales services for Karmel group Business at Iraq.

ThermoFisher Scientific Is the world leader company in Laboratory equipment’s which is serving Analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents.

Eschweiler Gmbh & Co. KG:
Specialized Company in blood gas- and electrolyte analyzers.


Specialized in Hematological, biochemical and pathological instruments, scientific and optical instruments.

The global leader company Specialized in Laboratory Furniture solutions.


The leading company in designed & manufacturing teaching technical equipment’s with the highest technology in the world.